We get it, blogging can seem like a daunting task when trying to balance all the demands of running a small business but we’re here to tell you just how important blogging is to your overall marketing strategy. Blogging creates organic content to help drive your business, provides content that is more likely to get shared by others, and helps you educate and inform your potential customers without coming across as ‘salesy’.

Still not buying into the idea of blogging for your business? Check out our top 5 reasons to incorporate a blog into your small business website.

Gain Trust With Potential Customers

Blogging is a wonderful way to gain the trust of potential customers through educating them on your industry, products, or services.

Particularly in a service based industry, it helps people get a clear idea of your knowledge level so they know what you’re offering is in your wheelhouse and they can trust you have the skills to complete the job. Giving away a little of your knowledge for free in the form of quality blog posts means people will feel more comfortable shelling out hard earned cash to get all the goods you’re offering.

Improve Your Website SEO

This is a big one! As we see various social media platforms move away from organic reach and into ‘pay-to-play’ style advertising models we need to focus on getting our websites to rank higher on search engines. SEO or search engine optimization, is the process of improving the content on your website to move it up higher in the listing on search engines like Google so your page shows up closer to the top when people search for keywords related to your business.

Now here’s where blogging comes into play, search engines love to see fresh content being loaded onto a website. It means the site is more likely to be up-to-date and not relying on old stale content. Every time you upload a new blog post you give search engines more content to index and more opportunities to use keywords related to your industry to help move you up to the first page on topics your potential customers might be searching for.

Help Your Customers Get To Know You

The best part about supporting local small businesses is getting to know the entrepreneurs behind the brand and blogging is a great way to share a little behind the scenes of your life. Be authentic and write in a tone that’s more in line with how you’d speak to a friend and you can build a community of likeminded people around your business. When customers feel like they can relate to you, they’re more likely to become loyal ambassadors for you and your business by sharing your content on social media and telling their friends and family about you.

Blog Posts Become Easy Content For You To Share

Ok, I know blogging isn’t always easy but once you’ve done the work you have a bunch of places you can share that content. Do you have an email newsletter (hint: you should!)? Then you just made crafting your next newsletter easier now that you have a new blog post to share with your subscribers. Does coming up with a new post to share on your Facebook business page stress you out? Use that post you just wrote… and don’t just use it once.

Blogging helps create beautiful evergreen content that you can share more than once. For example if you write a blog about back to school tips for busy working moms, make sure you schedule to share that post every September.

Get Insight Into The Content Your Audience Cares About

Taking a closer look at which content gets the most attention helps you learn where the pain points are for your potential customers so you can focus your efforts on where it’s most needed. If you’re a copywriter who covers various services on your blog but your Google Analytics keeps showing you that your audience is drawn to blog posts about tips to improving your resume then maybe you want to shift some of your time to marketing your resume writing offer. If that’s what people are looking for help with, that’s a good clue for you to promote that service you provide.


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