Facebook Community

Our free Facebook communities is what our Boss Ladies love the most about our offerings. Our communities are open to both our VIBL’s and non-members. Within our communities there is ample opportunity to network, advertise via our daily posts, receive exclusive resources that help you grow your business and more. Our Fraser Valley (FVBL) has become a very successful group and after many requests from ladies from outside the Fraser Valley we have decided to widen our offering by offering a Global Community and Central Interior Community which will officially be launching in Fall 2020 – You are more than welcome to join in the meantime so you’re already in there when the fun begins. Because it’s a community, we do have a few rules that all of our members are expected to follow or else they will be removed from the community (We all got to get along, right?). You can read those rules here.

Launching Fall 2020

Have a community that you would like to see us in? Or maybe you would like to lead a Boss Ladies Community in your own community? Click Here and let’s chat! We’re always looking to expand to new communities and areas so we can help support even more awesome boss ladies!



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