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I’m Megan, and I’m the queen of winging it, but I’ve realized having a plan in business equals a profitable business. 

I’m a wife, I’m a dog mom, I eat probably too many tacos, I drink a lot of beer, drop the F bomb a few too many times and I hate brushing my hair (I hope that doesn’t remind you of your three year old; I promise I listen better than a threenager, ha).

I love to grow businesses, if you were to ask me what my hobby is, it’s exactly that. Whether it’s one of mine or a fellow boss ladies, it’s amazing to watch a business grow and flourish. And, making bank is just the cherry on top.

Do I sound like your future business bestie? I’m always looking for new ones, just saying…


So, what can we offer you?

Let me ask you this…

What do you want from your business?

I had a vision and a reason for my business: I wanted to earn money from home so that I could raise babies without having to depend on a daycare.

Well, my plan obviously changed. I have no babies yet; I have TWO brick and mortar retail locations that are an hour apart; I have an online business; I have a consulting business; AND, I have something else in the works (stay tuned)… So let it be known, it’s okay for you to change what you want from your business.

In all seriousness, no matter what you want from your business or what your business is, you need your business to be successful and profitable. Unfortunately there isn’t a one size fits all for your business (despite what those Facebook Ads may say), but I’m here to help it grow no matter what it is! Seriously.

I love Boss Ladies because of the resources I am able to find through the site. I also love it for the referrals that I have recieved through the site as well. If I am looking for anything, services products etc. it’s the first place I go to. I have found everything I need from house cleaners to soap and bath product makers. It’s been a wealth of information for me.

Mandi Tricket

Boss Ladies is an amazing space for the women in the Fraser Valley. The thing I love most about FVBL is that it provides entrepreneurial support for business women, offers local resources and opens doors for new opportunities in our community. Being a member of this network that comes together to lift each other up not only inspires us individually, but also strengthens us collectively!

Diana Batung

Boss Ladies has provided me with the opportunity to connect with likeminded local female entrepreneurs. With these relationships I have gained new business opportunities and friendships. It’s not just a business community, it’s a network of resources and support that feels like a family.

Annies Christiaens



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